woman holding tee

Hello & welcome, new friend!

I'm Sabrina, the owner of Hive and I'm elated you're here!

The story of hive goes back far before I was even born... to when my grandparents owned Felix Dry Cleaners in Martinez, CA. They were hard-working entrepreneurs, the kind of small business owners the American Dream is modeled after. They were pillars of their community, and gave back in countless ways through serving with the Coast Guard, Boy Scouts, and even more various groups than I can even recall my darling Grandmother toting me around to. 

My dad has told me I inherited their volunteer gene, as I've always been one to dive into helping, and far too often, pulling on my chic bossy pants and leading the charge. Turns out, I also inherited their entrepreneurial gene!

A few years back, I decided to put my favorite bits of my two careers together: my love of color and creating from my interior design career, and my love of accessories from my wardrobe stylist career. I started my own handmade jewelry line, and became intoxicated with the joy of people wanting what I was creating. 

As much as I loved that high, it was the prolonged sense of purpose when I connected a fellow maker or artist friend with someone else that really started the great brainstorm of January 2023...

Just prior to that, I'd been back in my hometown of Martinez for the majority of October and November 2022, helping my dear dad recover from a total knee replacement. Like never before, I was hit hard with a feeling that it was time to finally return home to Martinez, after so many years in the Phoenix area. Running errands for Dad took me into Downtown Martinez, to the building our family owns, where my grandparents had Felix Dry Cleaners for decades. As I looked around with increasing excitement at how the idyllic town has been rejuvenated, I knew I needed to be a part of it, somehow, someday.

Well... things have a funny way of working out, because while I was staying hopeful it might happen in 2024, it was a phone call from my Dad in April 2023, that changed it all. 

I am honored to fill the same space as my grandparents, serving the magical community that is Martinez by connecting supportive and mindful local consumers with the incredible talents of local makers and artisans through their products. A curated handmade boutique.