What is a curated handmade boutique?

For us, it's a boutique of exclusively handmade items from local makers and artists from within the Bay Area. We'll continuously partner with those super talented makers to curate a fabulous collection of products that you'll be excited to explore, discover, peruse, and shop... treating yourself and others!

Why 'Hive'?

The name 'Hive' came to be while watching beekeeper reels. Reminded of how bees work together for the greater good and shared success of the colony, it resonated with the vibe we sought to create in our own community.

'Hive' kept coming around, circling the outskirts of our consciousness. Knowing we couldn't ignore it, we looked up the definition and there it was: a place swarming with activity. BOOM! It was our very own Kevin Costner in the cornfield moment.

What kinds of makers are you looking for?

ALL KINDS! We are constantly amazed by the talent and skill existing in the world and are eager to see unique work.